​Pastor Kenny McIntosh

Executive & Out Reach

Makenzie Francis

Creative Director

Sherry Crone

Kinderzone and Nursery Leader

Out Reach Coordinator


Pastor Bob Tucker

Sound Engineer & Leader of Celebrate Recovery

James Fenton

365 Welcome Leader

Deacon Kevin Comer

Pastor Misty Francis

Family Ministries Directer & Church Administrator

Misty Francis is the wife of Lead Pastor Matt Francis.  Graduating from Shepherd University, with a degree in Elementary Education, Misty worked as a 5th grade teacher for 17 years in Berkeley County.  Recently, she attending Liberty University online and received a certification in Christian Counseling.  Here at 365 Church, Misty is the administrator, and head of all our family ministries. Stating that, "Serving the Lord brings me the most joy in life," Misty is excited to see which direction God leads her next.

Nathan Harmon

Head of Safety & Security

Pastor Dale Higgins was raised in Williamsport, Maryland. He graduated from Hagerstown Community College in 1977. He and his wife Jacqueline have five beautiful grandkids.  Since moving to Martinsburg in 2010, Pastor Dale has been attending our church. He not only pastors over visitations and our small groups, but serves where ever needed. We are thankful for his dedication, and heart of service for the Lord. 

Pastor Kenny McIntosh, commonly known as "Kenny Mac",  is the second in command at 365.  Serving in the 167th National Guard previously, he now dedicates his free hours of service to God.  He is a husband to Holly McIntosh, father of three kids, and grandfather to four.  Pastor Kenny looks forward to many more years of service here at 365 Church. 

Deacon Bud Fleener

​Pastor Dale Higgins

Visitation & Small Groups

Pastor James Huse and Pastor Erica Huse have been married for 6 years. Originally, Pastor James was raised in Jefferson County, West Virgina and Pastor Erica in Louisville, Kentucky. The pair of pastors both earned their degrees in Practical Ministry from Evangeline Booth College in Atlanta, Georgia. Through their leadership in Teen Impact, the two hope to encourage youth to walk with Christ, and mold them into future disciples of the next generation. They are not only passionate for the youth, but also share a love for the community. Pastor James also presides as the representative pastor for Martinsburg's Harmony Senior Services.  365 Church is grateful that this iconic pair have chosen 365 as their "home". 

Sherry has enjoyed working with the 365 Nursery and KinderZone for several years. She is excellent at planning and providing exciting bible lessons to the children and ensuring the growth of their biblical knowledge . We are proud to call her the leader of our Nursery and KinderZone!

(304) 596-1970​​

Pastor Bob Walker

Deacon Dave Hoffman

Pastor James Huse & Pastor Erica Huse

Outreach Pastor for Harmony / 365 Teen Pastors 

Kittie Bly

​SUNDAY AT 10:00 AM            WEDNESDAY AT 7:00 PM

365 Church Staff 

Iron Sharpens Iron & Bible Study Leader

365 Church Leadership 

Pastor Jaqueline Higgins

 Dance Ministry Leader