Polity &


365 Church acknowledges only the Lord Jesus Christ as its head, the Holy Spirit as its teacher, God the Father as the source, and the Word of God as the only infallible guide to matters of faith, discipline, and practice.  The government of 365 Church shall be Pastor-led under the direction of the Holy Spirit.  The Pastor(s) shall receive counsel from leaders and members of the body in seeking God's direction.  365 Church is not, and never shall be, under the jurisdiction or supervision of any other governing body.

Adoration Team

The 365 Adoration Team works alongside the Lead Pastor as a source of counsel and wisdom on business matters for church operations.  The 365 Adoration Team is selected by the Lead Pastor

365 Counsel

The 365 Counsel works alongside the Lead Pastor as a spiritual source for personal mentorship, accountability, and wisdom for the Lead Pastor's growth and protection as well as the spiritual matters for church operations.  The 365 Counsel is made up of a minimum of five members selected by the Lead Pastor.  Any decision may be overruled by 80% vote of the members of the Counsel if not in agreement with Lead Pastor with such decision.