This week as we head into Thanksgiving Day, we  

                                                 remember those who are in need during the winter

                                                 season.  First, let us be grateful to God for His

                                                 abundant blessing in our lives and as a church family. 

                                                 Second, we are grateful to our service men and

                                                 women who are fighting for our freedom and unable

                                                 to be with their families this week.

                                                 But also remember that there are always those less fortunate who need help.  You can donate to our Food Pantry here at 365 Church.  Immanuel House and the Men's Rescue Mission are in need of blankets, warm clothes, and socks.  The Good Samaritan Clinic is in need of Blessing Bags and Hygiene Bags as well as financial donations, blankets and socks.  Every little bit is a blessing and can make a difference. 

Sue Edwards is one of those “behind the scenes” kind of servants.  Always willing to help her brothers and sisters in need, Sue blesses many people. She provides groceries and personal care to those in need.  Sue also helps with transportation for those who couldn’t get to church otherwise.  Sue and her husband have also generously donated a lot of furniture to our church.  She has cooked and served food for the past four church events.  It is because of people like you, Sue, that we are able to serve our church family and others in the community.  Thank you for your service to the Lord and 365 Church!

Sue Edwards

Servant of

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R.O.A.R. (Outreach)

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