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365 Church is a spirit-led house of the Lord where we fellowship, worship, and pray as one body. We have all walks of life in His church at 365 with one priority, we follow Gods lead. No song is the same, no message is the same, yet God’s Holy and precious word never changes. Please come and experience what God is doing at 365. It will be an honor to worship beside you!


His church for imperfect people!

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Times of fellowship and study.  Check out what is happening at 365 Church.

Sunday Worship Service

Held at 9 and 11 am, we welcome you to praise God each Sunday with us.

What We Believe

It's not just Sunday anymore!  Read our Statement of Faith here.

As part of our commitment to our community, we provide Blessing Bags and hygiene bags to the homeless.  We go through these bags rather quickly as the need is great.  This week we are focusing on these bags because this weekend we will be handing out bags after church service for you to fill.  Won't you please join us as we minister to our community?  The Lord will be honored!

Know fondly as “The Bull” around here, Cory Shipley gets his nickname honest.  Strong as a bull, whenever anything heavy needs to get moved, you will often hear “where’s Cory”?  Cory is co-leader with his wife, Rachel, of our Teen Impact ministry.  He has grown to have a great relationship with our teens.  One Saturday morning a month, he can be found early helping to set up and cook for our Men’s Breakfast.  He is also part of our Pastor Mentor group.  If we need someone to help run the video tech ministry on Sunday mornings, Cory is there.  Last week Cory went help clear brush from one of our member’s yards and that afternoon installed three new toilets for one of our members. Always willing to help when needed, we are blessed to have you around.  Thank you Cory.

Cory Shipley

Servant of

The Week

R.O.A.R. (Outreach)

Reaching Out And Responding

To the needs of our community

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