Christmas reminds us that He gave us the greatest gift of all.  God is a ‘Gift Giver’.  ‘Acts of Service’? That is what the cross is all about. Christ paid our penalty. Follow the life of Jesus and you see Him speaking the love language of ‘Physical Touch’. And for all who want it, God is ready to spend ‘Quality Time’. Turn your thoughts toward him and you will find his thoughts are already on you. God is all of these love languages.  They flow from God’s love. He speaks all five languages fluently. 

Won't you join us to learn how God wants to show His love to you?

Join us this week as Pastor Matt continues his series on the 5 Love Languages.  This week will focus on gifts.  All of these love languages flow from God’s love. He speaks all five languages fluently. The Bible is filled with ‘Words of Affirmation’ where God verbalizes His love to us.

If it comes to something that has to do with wires, Dave Hoffman is our “go to” guy.  For years Dave has taken care of our electrical/technical needs.  From putting in all new lights both inside and outside the building to making sure our computers and printers are internet ready and working properly, Dave has us wired.  It’s nothing to see Dave crawling to some pretty high spots just to make sure our church’s needs are taken care of.  Maybe it has to do with his military background.  Thank you for your service to our country as well Dave.  And on top of that, Dave serves on our Adoration Team to help make business decisions concerning the church.  He also attends to our security needs, making sure that the building is secure and our people are safe during service.  Thank you Dave for all you do for 365.  Your love is “electric”!

Dave Hoffman

Servant of

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R.O.A.R. (Outreach)

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His church for imperfect people!

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